The Different Styles Of Engraved Medical Alert Bracelets

The market is currently rife with medical alert bracelets and such products. Every day a new kind of medical ID wearable find its way to the shelves of the stores. While some are basic in their designs and plain in aesthetics, others are fancy and elaborate. Following the hubbub surrounding these items, the designers have been inspired to cast engraved medical alert bracelets in varying materials and craft them in designs that are nothing short of jewelry-grade.

Here are some of the styles in which engraved medical bracelets come in.

Chain and Plaque: This style is all over the market since its launch sometime back. Chain and plaque bracelets are cast in metals like steel, silver, gold and aluminum. A standard gold plated silver version of the product is also available at a very small price. The designs of the plaque and chain vary from product to product.
Chain and USB: USB bracelets were first introduced to us in their rudimentary rubber casing. With time, metals have taken over and these products changed over too. This style is a combination of metal chain and a flat capsule which holds the USB drive. The drive comes in both removable and fixed fitting.
Rubber Bands with Easy Fasteners: Teens love this style of bracelets. They can be opened and closed with a gentle twist of the rubber band. These bands come in both plaque and USB styles.

The stocks keep upgrading more often than you think. So keep revisiting, lest you miss something nice and catchy.


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