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Need a Medical Alert Necklace? What Information to Include

When people are diagnosed with serious health conditions, such as diabetes or Alzheimer’s disease, it’s not uncommon for doctors to strongly recommend medical ID jewelry. After all, a simple medical alert necklace or bracelet can provide first responders with the information they need to save lives during an emergency situation. Sitting down to order medical ID bracelets for women, men or kids, however, can be a bit of a challenge for those who are unsure of what to include [...]

Do Kids Really Need Medical ID Jewelry?

When a child suffers from a serious health condition or severe allergies, parents often want to do everything they can to safeguard them. One of the ways to help do so is to make sure a medical alert bracelet for kids is worn on a daily basis. Even if a child almost never leaves a parent’s side, a medical alert necklace or bracelet can serve as a lifesaving tool during a medical crisis. Medical ID jewelry is recommended for children [...]