Need a Medical Alert Necklace? What Information to Include

When people are diagnosed with serious health conditions, such as diabetes or Alzheimer’s disease, it’s not uncommon for doctors to strongly recommend medical ID jewelry. After all, a simple medical alert necklace or bracelet can provide first responders with the information they need to save lives during an emergency situation. Sitting down to order medical ID bracelets for women, men or kids, however, can be a bit of a challenge for those who are unsure of what to include in the engraving.

Here are some basic suggestions about what to include to provide the emergency information first responders need in a crisis situation:

  • The condition that poses the concern – This is the most critical piece of information that can go on medical alert bracelet for kids designs, and those for adults, as well. Make sure the very top line includes the condition and/or allergies that prompt the need for engraved medical alert bracelets or necklaces.
  • The person’s name – Including a first name at the very least can be very helpful to first responders when they are trying to interact with a patient during a crisis situation. A person’s full legal name can be very helpful to include. If security is a concern, just a first name added to medical ID jewelry can still prove very helpful.
  • Medications – If special medications are taken that might pose interaction risks with other drugs a first responder might use, listing them can be important.
  • Allergies – Making sure to include any serious allergies can also be critical for first responders to know about as they are assessing a patient.
  • Contact information – At the very least, medical bracelets for men, women and children should include a contact’s first name and telephone number. This can be a spouse, other family member, close friend or physician.

Medical ID jewelry is designed to provide first responders the information needed to quickly and accurately assess patients in emergency situations. Although space is limited for engraved medical alert bracelets, very basic details can go a long way in situations where seconds matter.

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