What to Include on Your Medical Alert Bracelet

Making the decision to invest in a medical alert bracelet when a chronic condition or other health concern is present is smart. When it comes time to fill out the engraving area, however, most people get can become a little stumped on what to include and what to leave out. While it’s obvious the condition or allergy that is the chief driver behind the decision to buy medical ID jewelry should be included, it’s the other bits of information that can pose a challenge.

Although most medical alert bracelet designs don’t have a whole lot of space, here are a few things that can be very important to include beyond the specific condition or conditions:

  • The wearer’s name – Using a first name, at the very least, can be incredibly helpful for healthcare providers. Those who buy medical alert bracelets for kids  or adults will find this little bit of information can help first responders connect with patients and get their attention when a crisis situation makes it difficult without having this information. If safety is a concern for a child or adult, a first name will suffice. The full name, however, can also be important.
  • Contact information – In serious emergency situations, having the name and number of a guardian, spouse or other person in a patient’s life can also be crucial. Including a name and contact number of a parent, doctor, husband, wife or dear friend can help responders better help their patients.
  • Medications taken – Some conditions require the use of medications that should never, ever be mixed with others. Listing these may prove to be a lifesaver.

While space is limited on medical ID jewelry, taking advantage of every character allowed can provide that much more information for a first responder. When patients cannot speak for themselves, a well-planned medical alert necklace can.

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