What to Include on Medical ID Jewelry

If a chronic health condition, allergy or other pressing concern is an issue, medical ID jewelry can serve as an important line of defense for safeguarding life in an emergency. These simple engraved designs can tell first responders everything they need to know to help patients in crisis situations. Determining just what to put in the small space provided on most medical alert bracelet and necklace designs, however, can be trickier than many realize.

While stating the condition, concern or allergy is an absolute most on a medical alert bracelet for kids and adults alike, most designs offer room for much more. Here are just a few of the “extras” that can prove very valuable for first responders and patients alike:

  • The person’s name – In many emergency situations, people who know the person wearing the medical alert bracelet may not be available. They, too, may also be injured, as can be the case in automobile accidents. First responders find that having a patient’s first name at the very least engraved into a medical alert necklace or bracelet can help them in providing care. Patients, for example, may respond better to questions if their first name is used.
  • Any major medications being used – If current medications are important for the person to have, such as insulin for a diabetic, it is a good idea to engrave the names directly into medical ID jewelry. This can also help first responders avoid any contradictions.
  • People to contact – The name of the person’s healthcare provider and/or a person to contact in an emergency and their number(s) can also be beneficial. This can help first responders notify family more quickly in an emergency. Having the doctor’s contact information can prove critical for imparting further patient-specific medical details.

Medical alert bracelets, Toronto residents will find, do have limited space for sharing information. Taking advantage of every bit of it to impart valuable information can prove vital in a crisis. For case-specific suggestions on what to include on medical bracelets for men, women and children, speak to a personal healthcare provider.

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