Is a Medical Alert Necklace Needed for Loved Ones with Memory Disorders?

Family and friends who care for loved ones living with memory disorders often go to great lengths to ensure their safety. After all, if wandering behaviors have been evidenced, serious concerns about a loved one getting lost or turned around can be constant. Since the ability to recall certain personal details may also be compromised, it can be very important to have a plan in place to ensure a reunion should a loved one actually manage to wander away from home. A medical alert bracelet or necklace can prove very valuable on this front.

The same medical alert bracelets doctors in Canada recommend for diabetics, people with allergies, individuals with epilepsy and other similar conditions can be very helpful for those with memory disorders. Here are just a few of the ways medical alert bracelets for men and women with memory disorders may prove helpful:

  • Giving first responders a heads up about a potential concern – If a memory disorder has progressed to the point that agitation and/or confusion are common, a bracelet or necklace can be very important for tipping first responders off that a wandering loved one has a medical concern. This information can enable police officers, paramedics or others that may be called to help to better grasp the situation.
  • Providing first responders with contact information – Aside from the loved one’s name and the memory disorder that is the concern, a medical alert necklace should include information for a reliable contact. While printing the loved one’s address on an ID necklace may not be advisable, a name and number for a caregiver may expedite a reunion.
  • Providing information about other health concerns – It’s not uncommon for people living with Alzheimer’s disease to also suffer from a host of other illnesses. If any are serious enough that a first responder might need to know about them right away, they should be included on medical bracelets for women and men.

Caregivers looking for ways to help safeguard loved ones with memory disorders will find medical alert bracelets can help. While they cannot stop wandering behaviors, they enable first responders to more quickly reunite loved ones with their families.

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