Think You Don’t Need a Medical Alert Bracelet? Think Again!

When doctors recommend that their patients with newly diagnosed conditions look into obtaining a medical alert necklace or bracelet, it’s not entirely uncommon for people to resist. After all, there’s a pretty good chance they’re still adjusting to the reality of having diabetes, severe allergies or another concern that might prompt such a request. While it might seem harmless to pass on the advice, there are some pretty important reasons why a medical alert bracelet might turn out to be a lifesaver.

Medical alert jewelry for women, men and children is designed essentially to speak for a person when he or she is unable to. These bracelets provide critical information that first responders need in order to act in a patient’s best interest. A diabetic in the middle of a low blood sugar attack, for example, may not have the wherewithal to explain what is happening. Likewise, a person injured in an automobile accident may not be able to tell an emergency room doctor that a particular medication should not be used in their treatment.

Aside from highlighting a serious medical concern, medical alert bracelets for men, women and children may also be engraved to impart such valuable information as:

  • A contact’s name and number – Most bracelets and necklaces included the illness and the patient’s name. Some, however, also include a next of kin contact name and telephone number. Other people might feel more comfortable with their doctor’s name and number. In either case, this information can save first responders critical time.
  • Medications being taken – Depending on the size of the plate selected, it may be possible to include chief medications being taken. This can help healthcare professionals avoid inadvertent interactions that should not occur.
  • Blood type – If a transfusion is required, this information being included on medical alert bracelets Canada residents may order can prove critical in saving time.

When a doctor recommends a medical alert bracelet, the request is meant to safeguard patients. Following through on the suggestion enables people to share potentially lifesaving information when it may be needed the most.

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