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Is a Medical Alert Bracelet Right for Your Loved One?

Most people understand the value medical ID jewelry can have for people diagnosed with diabetes, serious allergies and other chronic conditions. What they may not realize, however, is the diversity of other concerns that these tools can help address. By providing critical, lifesaving information instantly to first responders in emergency situations, medical alert necklace and bracelet designs can be smart wardrobe additions under many circumstances. Here are some questions to ask and answer to determine if medical alert bracelets for [...]

Tips for Selecting Medical ID Jewelry

Medical alert necklaces and bracelets are valuable tools that can save lives. When first responders are able to get the information they need to provide appropriate patient care within seconds, the best, most-appropriate intervention decisions can be made. By eliminating the guesswork about patient conditions, allergies and other concerns, this type of jewelry speeds up the triage process and can result in more positive outcomes if emergencies strike. Selecting the right medical ID jewelry for a person to use, [...]