Tips for Selecting Medical ID Jewelry

Medical alert necklaces and bracelets are valuable tools that can save lives. When first responders are able to get the information they need to provide appropriate patient care within seconds, the best, most-appropriate intervention decisions can be made. By eliminating the guesswork about patient conditions, allergies and other concerns, this type of jewelry speeds up the triage process and can result in more positive outcomes if emergencies strike. Selecting the right medical ID jewelry for a person to use, however, isn’t always as simple as it might seem.

If it’s time to buy a personal medical alert necklace or bracelet or one for a family member to use, these tips can help:

  • Consider the wearer’s age – Medical alert bracelet for kids designs that are made from sturdy materials may be best suited for younger children. Necklaces will serve the purpose, but may cause concerns for especially young children who may tug or pull at them. Although less noticeable when clothing is worn, necklaces still serve their purpose well.
  • Consider typical activities – People who spend a lot of time working with their hands may find a medical alert bracelet gets in the way. Medical alert necklace designs simply may be more appropriate in these cases.
  • Consider the person’s sense of style – As the value of medical ID bracelets for women, men and children becomes more widely accepted, the available style selection is growing. Buyers will find they do have choices in appearance, materials and sizes. Teenagers, for example, might prefer medical ID bracelets that offer bold, bright colors that match their wardrobes whereas adults may prefer more subdued styles.

 A medical alert bracelet can prove to be a lifesaving tool, but people do have choices in the style department. When selecting a necklace or bracelet, consider the person who will wear it, their sense of style, age and most common activities.

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