Some Interesting Specimens of Medical ID Jewelries

Some Interesting Specimens of Medical ID Jewelries

A medical ID jewelry is a utile accessory to sport when you are susceptible to medical emergencies. It carries highlights of your medical status, and often detailed reports that prevent treatment errors. If you are victim to a chronic condition that your doctor recommends mentioning when taking any treatment, you should use a medical alert bracelet24/7. Quite like a talisman, one such piece acts as a guard against potential health hazards.


Here are some articles that have shortly landed in the market and are already showered with popular voting.

Sports Band Digital Bracelet:  Available in a variety of pastel shades, this piece sports a simple, yet useful design. The band that looks identical to a sports band can be locked in the wrist with a twist. A USB drive is placed inside its rubber sleeve that can be disengaged easily.

Herringbone Chain with an Engraved Plaque: Made of stainless steel, this wristlet is a fine piece of jewelry that goes with formal and casual wears. It comes with a steel plaque which is common in pieces like this. The inside of the plate is inscribed with medical data.

Chain link Steel Bracelet with USB Drive: This one is unique because the interlocked USB has a steel finish like the rest of the jewelry. Inside you can store Gigabytes of medical data.

Roman Bracelet with a Caduceus Seal: This one has a design similar to the second piece, only with a different style of chain and a caduceus crest on the top of the metal plaque that holds all the information.

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